There are many ways to perceive the visual aspects of life – I view life as ripples dancing their way into the abyss from a single drip. Content splashes into your world, sending out ripples of information, details your readers need to know. Content is value, designed to keep your reader informed, updated, and returning to the fountain for more of what you offer. Content – Ripples matter!

The size of your splash isn’t determined by the size of the content you fit into your blog, but rather by the value of the ripples spreading out into your market base. Do your readers respond?

Everyone wants the best value option for content marketing on their website, and this is it.

Make a BIG SPLASH online with the BEST VALUE Content Marketing available in today’s market. We offer the most value overall, and the most consistent marketing value over the life of your website, because we know the size of your impact on the world isn’t determined by the size of your business, but rather by the size of your market. We know the only way to reach that market consistently and thoroughly is through content marketing and the direct appeal to your buying audience.

You get essential content must be designed and structured with SEO keyword relevance and purpose. The content we create is specifically designed to market your ideas and concepts without having to add additional paid advertising to your project. Our content keeps your market coming back month after month, to read more valuable content and information, as well as to purchase your high-quality products and services.

Your ability to generate income, develop massive returns on buying clients, is determined by the high-impact content on your website. It is our most important job to create stimulating, viable, and interesting content relevant to your market to keep your readers coming back month after month, year after year.

We work with you every step of the way to create a successful online presence and a persistent ripple in the internet marketing pond.

This is the most complete content development program we offer at such a reasonable price point!

What you get with this Best Value Content Package

—  5 value-filled articles (600 to 1500 words) for your website with high impact keyword optimized titles.
—  Relevant sub-titles and quotes for added optimization and reader impact.
—  Insider links to relevant content on your website, and reference citations where necessary to outside sites, where added value is offered.
—  A signin to capture names and emails for your blog blasts and any email messages you choose to send out.
— Marketing content and placement on other relevant sites, where references to your site will bring additional value to your business.

This content marketing package includes relevant links and placement on a valuable content marketing site, in your name if you have an account, or possibly in the name of the author, or a pen name used for this purpose.

For a very limited time, this whole package is available for JUST $397 with a continuing monthly fee of $397.

Minimum 3 month subscription required.