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Your business on Main Street is Rockin’ the socks off your street traffic, and you are rolling in the profit. But you want more than you can get from your Main Street Startup Business. You want success. You want profit that will take you places. In fact, you demand it!

cell phone marketingHere’s where we come in…

When she walked into your store, and you thought she was alone… She’d already announced to her friends that she was there. She sent them a message via social media, and her best friend sent her a message to check out the products on the aisle right inside your door. She’s recommending a selection as this young woman sorts through the first rack.

Every decision she makes will be verified through the friends she’s talking to on Social Media. And if you’re online, they’ll all be following her on your website, selection by selection, telling her “that’s a good buy” or “you can get it┬ácheaper at

51 percent of owners of small businesses are 50-88 years old, 33 percent are 35-49 and only 16 percent are 35 years old and under.

A bit more than 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first four years. 82 percent of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems. Internet marketing accounts for an increase of 49 percent of overall revenue for businesses with an online presence.
68 percent of businesses that develop an online presence and create a resilient message that resonates with their buyers survive due to their online market, and 46 percent of those businesses have a blog, or other online marketing platform.

Design your Online Marketing Strategy to Optimize Your Chance of Success with a Main Street Startup Business by Creating a Powerful Online Marketing Platform


I can get excited about building an online marketing platform for Main Street Startup Businesses, because creating a powerful online presence, telling your story, and making your business message known online will increase the chance of your business becoming profitable!

87% of Buyer Decisions are Made Online

Just knowing the increased impact your Main Street Startup Business will have when you create a powerful online blog that promotes your business to buyers who seek you before they walk in the door, makes a huge difference in the success rates of your business, not only the first four years, but every single year after that.

Whether your customers are locally grown, or traveling across country, with our high-quality responsive websites, they will find you online. And if your doors aren’t open on Main Street, they STILL have access to every product on your shelves. They can order online!

Congratulations! You’re about to make a great decision to put your startup business online.

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